ShadowNiteWolf (shadownitewolf) wrote,

Oh myyy....

Yeah, I know. It's a crap long time since I last posted. RL has just a been a pain in the ass (almost literally) and so I've been busy. I also haven't been keeping up with fanfictions being posted by all my lovely friends!

They keep pilling up in my email folder. *sad face* One of these days, I will get there. Hoping sometime this in like before the end of 2016.

Any who, I am alive and doing ok. I'm out of AmeriCorps and now living in Ohio...with a job. Yay! Looking for a place to live instead of living with my brother and his fiance. Yippie me..

And now, I'm going to watch Bones before heading to bed since it has been a long, exhausting week. Woo...
Tags: updated
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